Step Up Downtown

Step Upcover

Click the image above to read Step Up Downtown; a vision and tactical plan for linking and enhancing development, public spaces, and destinations in Downtown Cleveland.

The plan knits together a number of recent projects and district planning efforts and develops downtown-wide strategies to guide both private and public investment decisions through Downtown’s next economic cycle.

Step Up Downtown was developed through a strategic planning process that took place from January to July of 2014, which included an in-depth market analysis as well as a robust outreach effort that incorporated the voices of nearly 2,000 downtown stakeholders representing diverse interests, backgrounds, and user profiles.

The synthesis of the market analysis and outreach process produced a prioritized list of public realm improvements and other recommendations that will guide the Alliance and its partners in realizing a more fully-connected urban experience in Downtown Cleveland.

DCA invites you, as part of the downtown community, to read the plan and learn more about our goals for the next 5-7 years.

Please click here for a downloadable version of Step Up Downtown.

More information on Step Up Downtown's strategic planning process, including interviews, maps, and videos, can be found here.