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Restauranteur Zack Bruell has been defining the restaurant scene in greater Cleveland for decades. And his latest venture, Chinato, is just one more blockbuster success. But the idea of opening a fourth restaurant on Downtown's East Fourth surprisingly did not originate with the mastermind chef.

It was the Maron family, the developers credited with rejuvenating the celebrated East Fourth Street, who approached him. He immediately realized that he had to be there. All of the top chefs had staked claim to this up-and-coming Downtown entertainment district and he knows the power of healthy competition.

Downtown's East Fourth now is a destination for diners who want to experience the cuisine of Cleveland's best.  It has built up quite a reputation nationally and some say it is on the forefront of culinary scene in the U.S.

Chinato does impress. Just step in the door and you feel like you have entered a village somewhere in Italy.  Zack worked with well known architect Ron Reed to meticulously transform the retail space and set the stage for his first foray into Italian cuisine. The walls are adorned with bird's eye views of Italy, windows dressed with sultry sheer curtains and the furniture is modern and comfortable allowing the food to be center stage.

It's authentic Italian cuisine at its best. No spaghetti and meatballs here. Just the fabulous tastes of simple and flavorful food that you would find in Italy.

When asked if he is happy about his fourth Cleveland location - Zack says with a glimmer in his eye - I can't imagine not being here. Cleveland is home.

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