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When Swiss-based Thommen Medical searched for a U.S. headquarters, the company wanted a location with big-time entertainment for its customers traveling from all over the world. Major-league sports. Fascinating museums. World-class music and theater. And a remarkable restaurant scene. It also wanted an affordable, but liveable city for its employees.

Thommen picked the Theater District of Downtown Cleveland, passing over the higher profile cities of Boston and Chicago. As U.S. President David Gentile explains, when we evaluated the benefits of each city, there was no question - Cleveland was our home.

Gentile, a native Clevelander who had moved away, was delighted to return to show the hundreds of out-of-town customers just how much the city has to offer. Some might call him an unofficial mayor as he walks his clients down Euclid passing the theater marques, pointing out renovations and exploring the great restaurants on E. 4th Street. His customers are always delighted if not surprised at the quality of entertainment.

One year Thommen rented out an entire theater for its customers for a broadway show. As Gentile puts it, he could never do this in New York or Chicago. Here it is possible. People are resourceful and want to help. The Idea Center at PlayHouse Square has also been an asset allowing the company to easily beam demonstrations of its products throughout the world.

After several satisfying years in Cleveland, Thommen is thriving and more confident than ever in its choice of a Downtown Cleveland headquarters. Gentile is convinced that if other companies gave Downtown a look they would find what he and Thommen did. A great city and a great place to do business.

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  • My address has international appeal