DCA Membership

In 2008, we launched a Membership Program providing businesses and stakeholders an opportunity to directly support the vital initiatives of DCA. 

By working with property owners, neighborhood based partners, and Downtown stakeholders, DCA provides economic development initiatives, business attraction and retention efforts, the Ambassador Program as well as a strategic marketing plan for Downtown Cleveland.

Thanks to the generous support of our growing membership, DCA has maintained and expanded several services in Downtown, including:

  • Creation of DCA's Business Development Center which is focusing primarily on business attraction for downtown properties
  • Spearheading the NineTwelve District initiative to rebrand the Financial District
  • Participating in the re-visioning exercise for the Flats Neighborhood
  • Contributing on the Group Plan Commission by taking an active role on committees
  • Managing operations for the Cleveland Bike Rack - a bicycle commuter station
  • Expanded our e-Newsletter outreach to more than 10,000 e-mail recipients

A company's membership contribution showcases their commitment to Downtown Cleveland and the work of DCA and our strategic partners.

It is more than a membership; it is about supporting an organization who believes that the overall health of a region is widely dependent upon the success of the urban core.

To discover the benefits of the DCA Membership Program, contact Callie Cripps or call 216-325-0946 to discuss your company's future involvement.