NineTwelve District

What's between East 9th, East 12th, Euclid and Lakeside?  Potential.  The NineTwelve District offers convenient access to some of the most exciting neighborhoods in the city, including East 4th, PlayhouseSquare, the Lakefront and Warehouse District. Its variety of newer and midcentury architectural styles and rich financial history make this area an extremely appealing mixed-use footprint. The NineTwelve District is what's next in downtown Cleveland.

In partnership with community partners (including CBRE, PlayhouseSquare, the City of Cleveland and countless others) DCA has developed a strategy to tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunities of this district. The plan celebrates the district's natural amenities, committed tenants, rich history, and future possibilities.


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Successful and Ongoing District Initiatives

NineTwelve Trolley Fundraising

E. 9th Street Planters
- Sponsored by Rotary Club for Cleveland

Business Attractions
Alexander Mann Solutions
- Britton Gallagher
- BrandMuscle
- And others!

Launched District Newsletter
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New and Upcoming Residential Life
- 1717 E. 9th Street
- Reserve Square
- Chester Commons Building
- The Avenue District

District Events (Summer)
- Walnut Wednesdays
- Pop Up Party at the Plaza

2012 Student Design Charrette

High school students from the Teaching Cleveland Institute (TCI) shared their fresh, innovative ideas on how to continue momentum in Downtown Cleveland's NineTwelve District.

To review two of the TCI presentations, click a school name below:
Gilmour Academy
Western Reserve Academy

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Ohio Savings

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