Medical Mart & Convention Center

Designed to bring buyers and sellers together, Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center (Cleveland MMCC) is the world's only facility targeted specifically to the medical and healthcare industries.

Its Class-A exhibition hall and state-of-the-art conference facilities are tailored to the needs of the medical marketplace. Cleveland MMCC will house approximately 120,000 square feet of permanent showrooms for major medical manufacturers and service providers. Showrooms focused on cardiology, surgery, OBGYN, imaging, orthopedics, sterilization, healthcare furnishings, patient care, healthcare IT and medical devices will fill the Medical Mart, paving the way for the newest generation of innovation and distribution in the healthcare sector.

Cleveland MMCC is more than just a one-of-a-kind marketplace for the medical industry; it will be a state-of-the-art convention facility with approximately 300,000 square feet of high-quality exhibit space, featuring high ceilings and industry-standard column spacing. It will also feature approximately 100,000 square feet of high-tech, flexible meeting rooms of varying sizes to accommodate keynote sessions, seminars and panel discussions, which are the core offering of many medical conferences, meetings and conventions.


Why an Integrated Market Center?

Designed to bring buyers and sellers together, Cleveland MMCC is the world's only facility targeted specifically to the medical and healthcare industries.

While the facility is a new approach for the healthcare segment, an integrated market center combining permanent showrooms, exhibition halls, and conference facilities has been proven in many other markets and is incredibly powerful and symbiotic. Each component of Cleveland MMCC is more successful by virtue of its proximity to the facility's other healthcare functions, creating a critical mass of innovation, education and commerce.

Conventions incorporating temporary exhibit space with permanent showrooms enjoy increased booth sales because smaller and mid-size companies are motivated to exhibit near the critical mass of leadership in the Medical Mart. While traffic to the Medical Mart increases, conventions and conferences also generate greater attendance because visitors want to visit the flagship showrooms of the major manufacturers and industry pioneers during their visit.

With the ability to conduct business more efficiently, Cleveland MMCC is the new home for healthcare clinicians, suppliers, purchasers, specifiers, service providers and administrators worldwide.

Why Cleveland?

An extreme center of excellence in healthcare, Cleveland is home to Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and MetroHealth Medical Center. Tap into Cleveland's global leadership in the medical field to increase exposure of your showroom, quality of your audience, relevance of your programming and exposure of your event.

  • University Circle is a 15 minute drive from Cleveland MMCC
  • Health Line, a new transit corridor, conveniently connects downtown Cleveland to the medical district
  • Cleveland's healthcare institutions are one of the largest customers of medical products in the world, providing your showroom a significant competitive advantage
  • Patient-centric care, adopted by Cleveland Clinic and others, encourages innovation and adoption of leading-edge technology - a huge benefit to showrooms featuring the latest in patient care and medical devices
  • More than 400 bioscience companies are located in Northeast Ohio, offering you greater access to new life science research
  • Cuyahoga County employs more than 120,000 healthcare professionals, including 36,000 at the Cleveland Clinic and 25,000 at University Hospitals, providing you greater traction and potential interaction with influential leaders from top medical associations and administrations