Euclid Avenue Retail

Euclid Avenue is one of the most important streets to Cleveland; it is this city's "Main Street". Not only does Euclid provide a vital modern day connection between the business centers of Downtown and University Circle, it has tremendous symbolic meaning to Clevelanders due to the history and grandeur of the avenue. Because of its importance, Downtown Cleveland Alliance and its partners are fully vested in the rebirth of the street and the corridor that surrounds it.

Over the past 30 years, Euclid Avenue (like many other main streets across America) has gone through a series of hardships that have forced it to re-invent itself. Urban sprawl and the changing retail environment of the surrounding region (mainly due to the expansion of large regional shopping centers) have not only led to the demise of the once bustling department stores on the street, but they changed the type of competitive advantage Downtown holds when it comes to retail. This new environment has forced property owners, developers and economic development organizations to think creatively about how to restore the vitality of the Euclid Corridor.