Business Development Center

Welcome to the Business Development Center for the Downtown Cleveland Alliance!

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?

Are you wondering how to take advantage of the tremendous growth of the Downtown Cleveland area?

Are you wondering where you should turn to get the information you need to make the move?

Look no further than the Business Development Center!


We are your go-to location to help you navigate the Downtown real estate market. From the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Ambassador Program, to the City Advocate Initiative, to the wide variety of community events that we offer, the Business Development Center is yet another service to enhance the Downtown Cleveland experience.

We work with property owners, real estate brokers, the City of Cleveland and many other public and private partners to attract and retain businesses to our vibrant city.

Our mission is simple.  Simplify the process.

The Business Development Center provides a premiere service to business owners, brokers and property owners.

The goals of the Business Development Center are to:

  1. Identify growing businesses and attract them to the downtown area, as well as ensure the satisfaction of current tenants with their Downtown Cleveland address;
  2. Serve as a connector for resources including potential government grants, loans, tax credits and other assistance.  We also will help you navigate the process of bringing your business to Downtown Cleveland;
  3. Be a destination for information including free, customized market research including new developments, Downtown Cleveland Market statistics and site selection assistance.  We constantly meet with property owners and brokers to ensure you have the best information available to make your personnel decisions.

When you work with the Business Development Center, rest assured that you not only have the support of our organization, but a tireless advocate that constantly works to ensure the success and viability of our Downtown Cleveland community.

Downtown Cleveland is on the move. What are you waiting for?

Join us.


The Business Development Center Team

Michael Deemer
Vice President, Business Services and Legal Affairs

Ryan Manthey
Business Development Specialist

Mark Pugacz
Business Development Manager

Callie Cripps
Business Engagement Manager 

Jazmyn Blockson
Business Development Specialist 

The Business Development Center will make the Downtown office market the easiest real estate offering in Northeast Ohio.
We will serve as the single point of contact helping businesses navigate the Downtown real estate market.  Just as the DCA Clean & Safe program augments city services to enhance visitors' Downtown experience, the Business Development Center is a valuable supplement to ongoing efforts by property owners and brokers to proactively attract businesses to our vibrant city core.
While research indicates that site selection takes an average of 12-18 months, our mission is to simplify the process for brokers, businesses and Downtown property owners.  We are committed to all stakeholders until the deal is done…and beyond.