GeneroCity Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland Alliance and the Ambassadors are dedicated to helping the homeless population of Downtown Cleveland get out of their current situation and into permanent housing. When the Alliance was formed in 2005, the property owners of Downtown decided to hire a full-time social worker as part of the Ambassador team. Since that time, DCA has been able to establish relationships with the homeless population and work with multiple individuals to get out of their situation and into permanent housing and job training.

For many, the simple issue of not having proper identification is all that stands between them and getting the help they need. Our full-time social worker works with individuals to get their birth certificate, ID, transportation to doctor appointments and other essentials.  

In 2008, Downtown Cleveland Alliance formed GeneroCity Cleveland as a more coordinated effort to both increase funding for the homeless of Downtown and reduce panhandling in the center of the city. The partnership, which includes the property owners of Downtown Cleveland, the City of Cleveland and the faith-based community, created a visible public awareness program and fund raising strategy.

The money collected allows us to help individuals obtain IDs, birth certificates and other items such as winter coats, socks, medical supplies and transportation. 

GeneroCity Bus

Downtown Cleveland Alliance provides transportation to individuals via the GeneroCity Bus. Especially in the winter, it is hard for individuals to get to their appointments without transportation assistance. DCA has a fifteen-passenger van that we use to give people rides to doctor appointments, job training and other services that will help them improve their situation. By calling 216-621-6000, any homeless individual in Downtown can call our operations center and request a pick up.