Ambassador Impact

Since 2006, Downtown Cleveland Alliance Ambassadors have been Downtown's mobile concierge and cleaning staff. Throughout the year, our Ambassadors help pedestrians and motorists with anything from directions to hotels and restaurants to information on construction and events.

No matter where you are Downtown, you are likely to see a smiling face in a blue and gold uniform. No matter your question or need, you can always feel comfortable going to an Ambassador for assistance.

We hire our Ambassadors based on their engaging and outgoing personalities, but at the end of the day, they do a lot of hard work to make downtown more welcoming. Read the numbers from May of 2016, and here's a sampling of what our Ambassadors did to keep Downtown great in 2015:

  • Assisted more than 57,700 pedestrians and more than 23,000 motorists
  • Regularly met with hundreds of business owners and retail managers
  • Patroled more than 9,000 miles on bicycles
  • Removed more than 61,000lbs of trash from the sidewalks and plazas of Downtown
  • Patroled for and quickly removed 7,700 instances of graffiti in the district
  • Provided nearly 3,600 safety escorts